Customer Testimonial – Taco Bell

To everyone at M & H Gas, thanks for everything that you do for our Taco Bell Franchise.

We just hit our 10th anniversary in business owning and operating 32 Taco Bells in the Kansas City area and proud to say that M & H Gas has been our only choice for CO 2 and HELIUM GAS. We have had nothing but great success with the existing facilities and that of new construction. The PROFESSIONALISM and SERVICE is the same at the office as in the field with the drivers.

I do believe that our company’s are very similar in very many ways. We both realize that the “CUSTOMER COMES FIRST” and “THAT OUR PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE”!

Thank you,
Duane Poynter
Director of Operations
KC Bell, Inc.
A Franchisee of Taco Bell