M & H Gas Products

Bulk CO2

M & H Gas offers bulk CO2 in 200, 300, 400 and 750 pound storage vessel capabilities.

Bottled CO2

M & H Gas offers bottled CO2 in 10, 20, and 50 pound cylinders to suit your needs.

Nitrogen / CO2 Blend

M & H Gas offers nitrogen/CO2 blended gases for you beer, draft system in 67cf and 210cf cylinders.

Nitrogen / CO2 Blender

M & H Gas offers a nitrogen / CO2 blender for your draft beer system.  Available in two models: Single 60/40, or dual outlet 75/25 and 60/40

Carbo-Draught™ – Nitrogen Generators

M & H Gas offers nitrogen generators to take away the use of high pressure cylinders and generates its owns CO2 nitrogen blend.

The Carbo-Draught™ System is comprised of a nitrogen gas generator, which, when connected to a Chart Bulk CO2 System can produce mixed blends of CO2, and nitrogen in a number of pre-determined ratios. read more…


We also offer helium in 219cf sizes to our customers.

What Makes Draft Beer Special?

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