Programs & Pricing

M & H Gas offers bottled and bulk CO2 systems in several different sizes up 750 lbs of CO2 capacity to fit the needs of your business. This technology offers consistent quality. Ease of operation, and safety utilizing permanently installed, on –site cryogenic storage tanks. Even if bulk CO2 will not work in your facility, M & H Gas offers high pressure cylinders to run your operation. You can count on M & H Gas to provide a beverage carbonation solution to you fountain beverages.  You can count on us from tank installation to equipment maintenance and automatic schedule CO2 fills, 24/7.

We have several programs and pricing plans available to suit the needs of your business. Whether you have one or multiple locations, M & H Gas will find the plan that is right for you.

Advantages of the M&H Gas program

  • Automatic CO2 refills
  • Product Quality –  Beverage Grade CO2, the best CO2 in the marketplace
  • Employee safety
  • Cost effective plans to suit your needs

Automatic CO2 Refills

M & H Gas monitors your CO2 usages. M&H Gas will automatically schedule your CO2 refills by eliminating the hassle for you by preventing soda fountain interruptions. Our delivery drivers will conveniently fill the tank outside your location so your daily operations are not interrupted.

Product Quality

The customer’s  beverage is a defining experience in your establishment.  With a continuance and reliable supply of CO2 the customers experience will not be in jeopardy in your establishment.

M&H Gas delivers bulk CO2 that is certified to be Beverage Quality. The product we deliver has been tested to deem it suitable for beverages. The quality of CO2 is crucial to carbonating great tasting beverage. Do not give you customers anything less than the best.

Employee Safety

Cylinder handling by employees can be dangerous. Cylinders are heavy and the contents are under high pressure, injury to employees changing cylinders do happen and can be costly (lost labor hours, work comp. etc.) with the M & H Gas bulk CO2system product is stored on the premises at a lower pressure in a stainless steel vessel and refilled on a regular scheduled basis. Our tanks are permanently installed at your site so there is no issue with changing cylinders.

Cost Effective Plans to Suit Your Needs

M & H Gas offers affordable programs and pricing plans to suit the needs of your business.

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