M & H Gas is the Midwest’s leader in providing hassle free bulk and bottled CO2 to the food service industry. M & H Gas services over 2000 accounts in the Midwest. We service national and franchise accounts, movie theatres, convenience stores, theme parks, sport venues, and much more. We deliver Beverage Grade CO2 because our goal is to give the highest quality product and service available. A hassle free, reliable system of changing high pressure bottles for uninterrupted service for soda systems. To provide a bulk CO2 system that will simplify the beverage fountain system so you can focus more on your customer’s satisfaction. Family owned operated for over 42  years you can rest assured that you will receive the quality product and service that you have every right to expect.

To speak to one of our customer service staff members, give us a call at 816.350.3355 or toll free at 855.894.3355