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Who is using M & H Gas’s bulk CO2 systems?
Major national and regional restaurant and convenience store chains, movie theater operators, theme parks, and sports venues currently enjoy the quality service provided by M & H Gas’s bulk CO2 system.

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What is bulk CO2?
Bulk CO2 is a safer low pressure alternative to high pressure compressed gas cylinders. With the M & H Gas system, bulk CO2 is stored on the premises at a lower pressure in a stainless steel holding tank and refilled on a regular schedule based on your usage pattern. Our tanks are permanently installed at your location so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of changing cylinders. We offer bulk CO2 systems in several different sizes with up to 750 lbs. of CO2 capacity to fit the needs of your business. Our  sales staff will help you to determine what system is right for you. You can contact a M & H gas at 1-816-350-3355.

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Why is M & H Gas’s Bulk CO2 system better for my fountain operation?
M & H takes the guesswork out of deciding when to refill the CO2 tank through automatic refills. Our service professionals will conveniently fill the tank from outside your location so your day-to-day operations are not interrupted. M & H Gas’s systems and services will help you to streamline your fountain operation and minimize the risk of flat fountain beverages and costly soda fountain interruption.

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What if my bulk CO2 system malfunctions?

M & H Gas provides service 24/7. Our staff is highly qualified to identify problems and provide troubleshooting tips over the phone. If necessary, we can dispatch a service technician to your location. Our goal is to prevent or minimize an interruption of your service. If you need technical support, please call 816-350-3355. Also, you can look at our troubleshooting guide for helpful tips.

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What if I already own my bulk CO2 system?
M & H Gas offers a per pound CO2 plan for establishments that own their own equipment. Or, we can arrange to purchase your equipment from you so that you will have a well maintained tank which will help you ensure that you provide your customers with the highest quality CO2.

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What if I already have bulk CO2 with another company?
Contact a M & H Gas today and we will help you coordinate the transition of service to M & H Gas upon termination of your present service. You can contact M & H Gas at 816-350-3355.

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Will a bulk CO2 system be compatible with my fountain system if I currently use high pressure cylinders?
The bulk CO2 systems supplied by M & H gas is fully compatible with all fountain beverage dispensing systems.

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What if my establishment can’t fit a bulk system?
M & H Gas can put high pressure bottles in your establishment with the same quality of CO2 to fit your needs.

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To speak to one of our customer service staff members,
give us a call at 816.350.3355 or toll free
at 855.894.3355

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To speak to one of our customer service staff members, give us a call at 816.350.3355 or toll free at 855.894.3355

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